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Acona Travel Agency

Travel : Adventure, Culture, Humanitarian projects, etc.

So as to open your eyes to the Amazonian reality, ACONA Ecotourism offers a variety of programs.  Although preservation and tourism may seem contradictory, it is our main objective to accommodate both.

Contrary to some other tours, albeit unintentional, our journeys actually contribute to the natural habitat and enhance the quality of life of the indigenous people by improving their independence and economy while educating others as to the essential value of the Amazonian jungle and diverse cultures and to the importance of preserving both.

Our journeys are well organized by very experienced guides, allowing you to safely enjoy the beauty of rich greenery, diverse wildlife and cultural experiences. 

The Amazonian jungle is a world renowned for its immensity and its diversity.  This great, natural refuge has inspired the imaginations of adventurers and explorers for generations.  Now you too can experience the jungle safely and at a reasonable price.

ACONA has a variety of tours to offer:

  • Meaningful vacations. Have fun while helping others improve the quality of their lives.
  • Sports. May include Fishing, Bird Watching, Photo Safari (the fortunate replacement of

   telephoto lenses for weapons).

  • Adventure and Survival expeditions.
  • ACONA also organizes travel for School Groups, Youth Programs, Universities,

   Companies, groups of friends and families.

  • Give your child a graduation gift of an unforgettable rewarding journey!
  • We also offer opportunities that will correspond to your hobbies: discovery of nature,

   Amazonian turtle, or the fresh water Dolphins and initiation to the Amazonian

   arts and crafts. The list is endless!

  • And do not forget our traditional Journey to the Andes and Machu Pichu.
  • Would you like a tailor-made journey? We happily consider all suggestions!

   Please contact us for further information and travel brochures.


  • Sponsor A Child: If you wish to sponsor an Amazonian child and correspond with him or her, please contact us.  The positive difference you will make in this child's life an on their future is immeasurable!
  • Take a Meaningful vacation! Help promote a humanitarian spirit in our society, and help to bring awareness to the problems that the underprivileged Amazonian people are facing.  There are many construction projects, such as multifunctional houses for the Indian community, and a people's dispensary, a house for the street children of Iquitos, Peru.  These are just a few of our projects.
    We also have nature camps for youth as well as adults.


All of our guides have been actively involved in this work for many years or are Peruvian natives who have been involved in eco-tourism and the rainforest for decades. There is no better insight then that of the people who live in the region!